2016 Mazzard Farm Photo Competition

It’s been 3 years since we ran a photo competition for guests, so all the more reason for us to run one now. 

So did you take any photos you’re really proud of when you stayed at Mazzard Farm? Then please send them to us. You may win £250 off your next Mazzard Farm holiday! Here are the ‘rules’:

  • pics have to be taken during your holiday at Mazzard Farm; at the farm or in the area
  • max. 5 entries per person. Please send HiRes image where possible
  • unless you tell us otherwise, we will assume we can use pics for promotional purposes (but we will of course refrain from this if you so wish, except for the one time we’ll have to show it as the winning pic)
  • winner will receive a £250 off your next Mazzard Farm holiday voucher, to be used in next 24 months. Can also be used for balance payment of a holiday you already booked!
  • no cash prize available, and voucher can only be transferred to someone else with our prior permission
  • main criteria for judging will be how well we believe the image sums up a typical Mazzard Farm experience. This will include quality, originality and ‘mood’ of the shot
  • we will allocate a runner up and possibly 3rd price if number and quality of entries allows for this
  • we may have a separate price for ‘best young photographer’ if we receive a good number of entries from our younger guests
  • deadline for sending us your pic(s) is end of day Wednesday 16 November
  • daily updates showing some of the entries can be found by clicking here
  • Questions? Let us know.

Good luck!