At the Farm

Mazzard Farm has everything a great holiday needs: 17 acres (6.5 hectares) of gorgeous woodland, fields, gardens, an orchard, children’s play areas, horse paddocks, and a cobbled courtyard. Between them offering all ages a great opportunity to have a wonderful time.

Whether you are looking for serenity or activity, an area to play and have fun, or sit down and relax, enjoy the beauty of nature or enjoy night skies so black you didn’t even know existed, we can guarantee that Mazzard Farm has it all. Mazzard Farm is not a working farm (bar some ex-battery hens and ducks supplying us with lovely eggs, two pigs, a range of horses, and our resident pygmy goats, Joey and Mr Bean), but we are surrounded by many, so no shortage of cattle, sheep and (more) horses in the immediate area.

And we are not the only ones recognising the beauty of Mazzard Farm. An abundance of wildlife pay us regular visits; deer, foxes, buzzards, badgers, squirrels, bats, and many more. And they know what you will quickly discover once you are here: Mazzard Farm is heaven on earth!