‘Escape to the Country’ Residential Course for People Considering a Major Lifestyle Change

Many people reach a point in their lives where they ask themselves: “Is this it? Will I be leading this life until the day I retire? Or is there more to life?”

We went through this some 7, 8 years ago, and it ultimately led us to a very different life, here at Mazzard Farm in East Devon.

But it is not for everyone! This course will look at a wide range of factors that will help determine whether a major change in lifestyle is for you. We will share experiences, highlight the pros and cons as we experienced them, and run a variety of test and awareness exercises that will help you determine a.) whether this is for you, and b.) what to be mindful of once you do decide to explore options.

In addition to our experiences, you will hear from other people who have made a similar lifestyle change. The course will also include face to face sessions with relevant professionals from areas such as banking, accountancy and property search.

Most of all though, this course will be scheduled around your needs, requirements and questions, and will offer maximum opportunity to share your ideas, thoughts and concerns with others who are in exactly the same position.