Recommend & Earn

Mazzard Farm’s best advertisers are the people who have been to stay with us before. This has been the case almost since the day we welcomed our first guests – in 2008 – and today means that some 20% of ‘Mazzard Farm first timers’ have come after a personal recommendation.

Needless to say we are delighted with that, not least because it is the best compliment we could possibly wish for.

As marketing is an expensive activity, and with a hugely unpredictable outcome, we have decided to start rewarding our friendly ‘recommenders’. So here is our offer:

  • anyone booking at Mazzard Farm after your personal recommendation leads to a £25 credit for you, meaning your next stay at Mazzard Farm will be cheaper
  • do they book two weeks? Your credit doubles! Likewise if they book more than one cottage at once (week stays only)!
  • there is no limit to how many credits you can earn, and they don’t expire
  • you can use up your credits the minute they appear, use them towards the balance payment of a break you may have already booked, AND they can be taken in conjunction with another offer where applicable!
  • not sure you’ll be coming back to Mazzard Farm yourself? You can give your credit away to others too (just tell us)
  • all that is required is that the new booker tells us when they first enquire that you ‘sent them our way’
  • and remember, we already have a series of benefits for those of you who have stayed with us twice or more!

Want to learn more? Drop us a note if you have questions.

Happy recommending!