Mazzard Farm Exchange Rate Guarantee

The movement of Euro to Sterling exchange rates can make a big difference to the cost of your UK holiday, if you happen to live in a country in the Euro zone. And we know that the unpredictability of it stops some of you from booking your holidays in advance.

Allow Mazzard Farm to help!

As you can see from the image below, £ Sterling has rarely been cheaper. So a great time to book your 2018 Mazzard Farm holiday now. To make sure any exchange rate fluctuations around the time your balance is due will NOT negatively impact on your holiday budget, Mazzard Farm offers the following:

  • book your 2018 holiday before end of September 2017, and we will guarantee exactly the same – or lower! – exchange rate moving forward!
  • this means that if Sterling becomes more expensive, we will take the hit
  • if Sterling becomes even cheaper? Then you will of course get that full benefit!
  • For example: if you book a 2018 Mazzard Farm holiday this week, at say a Sterling rate of €1.07 Euro, you can rest assured that the balance payment will be at the same (or better) rate!
  • Questions? Drop us a note.
  • Wish to benefit from this? Book your stay no later than 30 September 2017 and quote ‘Exchange Rate Guarantee’
We hope to hear from you soon!